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Today’s Benefit Challenges
Require New Thinking

At Group Benefit Systems, Inc., we help our clients develop benefit programs that make a competitive difference for their companies while also making a difference in the lives of their employees.

Today’s Benefit

Challenges Require

  New Thinking

At Group Benefit Systems, Inc., we help our clients develop benefit programs that make a competitive difference for their companies while also making a difference in the lives of their employees.

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Making The Most Of Your Benefits, Every Day, Everywhere.


Creating a High Value Health Plan using a Transparent Benefit Design Strategy.

THB brings together innovative solutions that help companies offer higher quality health insurance benefits at a lower cost. THB’s fresh approach to employee health benefits is a complete replacement for existing employee health insurance plans, with a 20% average lower cost when compared to the major insurance carriers.

New Products And Technologies Deliver Superior Service And Savings For Employers And Employees.

Benefit Administration

We utilize an online enrollment platform at each of our clients’ initial enrollments, annual open enrollments, and for employee mid-year enrollment and demographic changes. This system houses all of a company’s benefit information and up to date employee enrollment information. It allows for efficient and streamlined on-boarding and open enrollment processes.

Benefit Communication & Education

Through employee group meetings and individual benefit enrollers we provide employees with access to benefits experts to educate them on their benefits and to help them enroll in the benefits that best suit them and their families.

Carrier Bill Reconciliation with Coverage Audits

We verify each carrier invoice to ensure that the insurance carrier is billing the premiums that were agreed upon before putting the policy in place.

Claim Reconciliation

It is important that your employees’ claims are submitted, and they are billed the correct amount after their claim has been processed by the insurance company. We are there to ensure this process is done correctly and step in when someone believes a mistake has been made.

Healthcare Advocacy

A services that helps employees with various aspects of navigation their health plan, including help in understanding their health plan, finding in network providers , getting cost estimates, and resolving billings issues.

HR Knowledge Programs

We offer an online one-stop HR solution to our clients. This is an online HR Library portal where employers and HR managers can go to find answers to many HR questions.

Mployer Insights

Mployer Insights is the next generation of benefits benchmarking, providing micro-targeted, actionable information and greater transparency into complete benefit design for employers of similar size, industry, and geographic region.

Mobile Technology

We offer a web-based app that allows employees to access their benefit information at any time, which is helpful for times they need information or assistance outside of normal work hours. We work with our app vendor to build a custom app for each client. Within this app, employees have access to benefit summaries, a telemedicine benefit, Rx pricing resource, and an electronic ID card wallet.

People Report

Build a stronger, more productive organization. The People Report provides your C-Suite with actionable insight into employee retention and engagement by manager, department, and location.

GBS Provides Turnkey Solutions for Both Your Business and You.

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GBS has been a partner of ours for many years. In the wake of changes to our management group, we reassessed our needs to assure that our relationship was rooted in more than just the comfort level of incumbency. We challenged their comfort zones and they have continued to deliver. We have, as a result, continued to improve the benefits for our employees.


VP of Operations Paper & Packaging

I find the experience very satisfying because I know they have an interest in taking care of our employees by providing us an array of benefit packages that allow us to be competitive in the marketplace.


Physician Practice Management

They have developed creative ways to ensure that the healthcare of our staff is comprehensive for them and affordable for us. They have taken time to know us and understand our priorities and to craft solutions that work for our unique needs. I can call or text any of their impressive team members and get an immediate response.


Non-profit CEO

GBS has shouldered all the heavy lifting for our health insurance needs so that we can focus on our day-to-day business. Their responsiveness and dedication to addressing any issues that arise is top notch.


Automotive Company

Top-Rated Employee Benefits Advisor Awards.

Less than 10% of advisors are chosen to receive this award. Ratings are based on proprietary data and algorithms evaluating each firm based on a range of employer size, industry, product experience, customer reviews, and feedback.